Ghost Rider’s real name is Zarathos, who the demon Mephisto considered as a rival. Mephisto was the one responsible for enslaving Zarathos’ soul into mortals, with Blaze as the current mortal to house the demon. Though Ghost Rider lives in harmony inside Johnny Blaze, the daredevil rider feels that the demonic soul inside of him is starting to take more control. Johnny Blaze’s link with Ghost Rider dates back to his ancestors, who had a piece of the Medallion of Power that contains the Spirit of Vengeance embedded into the spiritual bloodline.

Despite the two soul’s struggle for control, they are still able to set aside their battle from time to time to work together and defeat various enemies. Ghost Rider’s appearance and the demonic power he possesses makes him a favorite for certain people. His control of hellfire and soul manipulation capabilities makes him a compelling character. As a favorite character, Ghost Rider is also a good cosplay option. If you look at the Ghost Rider cosplay photos, you can see that the demonic nature is a great costume idea for people who plan on attending a comic book convention or going to Halloween costume party.

Lets make this YEAR fun and extra Endemic with our Tactical Ghost Mask and Neon Threatening Purge Mask for Halloween. Super creepy Ghost Rider Face Tactical Mask and the Threatening Purge Mask a perfect hit this Halloween! Imagine using it a black hooded Jacket or spice it up with a Fedora.

With at least one transformation shot every Halloween and a system to burn the flesh off. This time is Endemic.


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